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240Z: Aisin Seiki Waterpump (vs Cheap Chinese copy)

Remember when i removed the Waterpump from my Motor (it’s already 4 years ago. Damn, time is running), it looked like this:
P1060556 - Kopie

Ever since then i knew i need replacement but it’s on the bottom of the priority list. However a while ago i made an order at a supplier in Japan and figured out they’d sell a waterpump for 35USD. So why not give it a try?
When it arrived i put a picture in this blog and a lot of people mentioned the poor quality.
After going through the Kameari catalogue i figured out they sell something from a Manufacturer called “Aisin”. A quick search and i found the catalogue online with the Partnumber WPN-013. Available for 80 Bucks on the web. Just out of curiosity i bought it.
ausschnitt Aisin Katalog - Kopie

I also figured out that Aisin Seiki is a Huge OE-supplier in Japan and used to belong to Toyota in the past. and that they’re really big in the water-pump business.. Googling the partnumber on the Cheap pump’s box i figured out it’s coming from a Chinese Company Called Wenzhou Aobon Pump industries:
Aobon GWN-05 - Kopie

So here is the comparison: Left Aisin, Right Aobon. Aisin has a classic Cast pattern while the Aobon somehow has a much smoother surface. The Sealing gasket of the Aobon item is more or less a piece of thin cardboard and the bolts / Studs are completely missing at the Aobon item.P1170001 - Kopie

But the main difference is on the inside. You can clearly see that the Aobon shuffle wheels are not cast but somehow a bent metal piece. Some people pointed out that the bearings are really bad on the chinese product and that it will rust much faster. Aisin Claims on their website that their products have been treated with anti-corrosion stuff. Also the Aisin item comes with an installation manual and lots of informations.P1170002 - Kopie

Here some more information of the Aisin pump. So i definitly will scrap the Aobon Pump and run with the Aisin Pump. More than happy to support a japanese manufacturer istead of the cheap chinese Copycat product 😉wpn013_0 - Kopie

wpn013-2_0 - Kopie

wpn013-3_0 - Kopie

Update: I figured out the Brand AP (Automotive Products), Also known for their AP-Racing brakes, also makes this Waterpump. So i added a picture for completeness sake 🙂

Update 2020:
Just got an INput from a reader (Thanks, sir!) with a link pointing to a website that offers many similar pumps from a wide range of OE-suppliesr and 3rd party manufacturers.
IT seems this item was probably a pretty common part used on many engines.
See here for all the options:


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