240Z Project

240Z: Motor and drivetrain identification

So after researching a lot lately i knew what should theoretically be in my car, but since i never had a look at my second car, i thought it might be the best idea to just go and check all the numbers and identification marks.
The engine is clearly an L24 (2,4L),
P1160959 - Kopie

using the P30 block:
P1160957 - Kopie

While the head is the E88 head:
P1160958 - Kopie

Also found a few interresting casting-marks and stamps on the front of the head, but not sure if this has any information behind. maybe someone knows? (#3 to the left, 30 on the top and something like 8.21 to the right)
P1160977 - Kopie

So i guess these are the specs of my Motor. There are (depending on the source) up to three different E88 heads around and it seems like i have the first version which seems to be the best one, performance-wise.
Engine configurations - Kopie

I cannot confirm what it is inside, but what i know is, i haven an early 5-speed transmission. So it definitely has to be an “A-type” which is indicated by the 3-piece design, the cast-pattern of the middle-piece and the “monkey motion” shifter design:
P1160981 - Kopie

Various sources tell me that european cars came with the FS5C71A Transmission, which means:
F: Type of Control, F= Floor (direct)
Transmission Style, S = Special overdrive top gear
5 Forward speeds
Servo Synchros
Gear-pair center-to-center spacing in mm (distance between centershaft and countershaft = 71mm)
Continuos numbering of model version, A beeing the first version

I also found some castings on the bellhousings and middle piece but i guess they don’t give any information..?
P1160978 - Kopie P1160979 - Kopie

Also found this cast on the transmission. One seems to be the manufacturer’s logo but wasn’t able to track it down. Can anybody tell me which manufacturer this is?
Also found this “5.17” casted below the logo. Anybody knows what it means? This shot is of the rear piece and if you look close you can see it in the first picture of the transmission, above.  P1160982 - Kopie

The last bit part of my investigation beeing the Differential. According various sources my car came equipped with an R180 Differential from the factory. Means an outer ring gear diameter of 180mm. Some say it’s manufactured by Fuji Heavy industries (the mother company of subaru), since subaru used the same Differentials later, but if you have a close look you can clearly see the Hitachi logo on the bottom left. There are lot of numbers cast on the bottom of the differential but i doubt these indicate some useful information.P1160962 - Kopie

Same on the bottom. The only thing i can say is there is no big “K” casted somewhere, so i have an early type R180 without the 110mm Ring gear (inner diameter), which means my plan to install an OS-giken LSD (made for 115mm ring gear) will not work out, unless i swap something.P1160963 - Kopie

Here is the second (similar) Diff from the second car. I guess they sprayed it in some kind of nasty rubber to seal some leakage back in time. P1160965 - Kopie

Similar casts on the second Diff, with probably no information behind, except the Hitachi logo on the bottom left.P1160966 - Kopie

Unfortunatly all the important information is inside the Diff, so i drained the oil and had a closer look inside…P1160967 - Kopie

Surprisingly i found this yellow “29” mark. Not sure if it’s from factory, but for me this looks like some replacement part or something? Can anybody confirm this is a factory marking?P1160971 - Kopie

But here we go. Not sure what the rest means (let me know if you know). but the first part 39:10 is what i was looking for. It means that i have a Final drive ratio of 39/10 = 3.9 Which is recommanded for “allround driving” with a 5.gear.P1160972 - Kopie

Also you can clearly see it’s an “open Type” differential.P1160974 - Kopie

Still need to decide which route i go, but at least i know what i have now. Next up will be some informatino about the Suspension 🙂

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