240Z Project

240Z: Kameari Enginemounts installed, Steering colum disassembly pt. II, upper diff mount disassembled, Steering rack spacer corrected

Currently i’m working in my little-basement-workshop almost daily trying to get all the small details right. So here’s an update on all the small things i did lately:
1) Zcarnut over at the JNC Forums pointed out that my Steering rack spacer was mounted the wrong way. After checking a few pictures i could confirm. Why you wonder? Because the drawing in the exploded-view and Manual is wrong. Damnit 😛 However i’ve corrected that now:
P1130991 - Kopie

2) Added those washers that are mentioned in the manual as well but did not fit properly and were not installed on both cars originally. But somehow i like the look of these and think it’s better to not have the nut directly on the rack so i like this solution and had them reworked to fit my needs 🙂 (Not torqued in the pictures so thats why it looks loose :P)
P1130997 - Kopie

3) Next i installed the Kameari Engine mounts. Before:
P1130993 - Kopie

Specs from the Manual:
P1130995 - Kopie

And done – love how everything comes together slowly 🙂P1130996 - Kopie

4) I’m currently preparing a load of parts for powdercoating so i decided while i’m at it i will also put the Diff mount baseplates into this even if i’m not sure yet if i will reuse them or replace them with something like the “technoversion Diff mount kit”.  Before:
P1140002 - Kopie

And after:P1140003 - Kopie

5) And last i felt like my last Steering colum disassembly somehow was a bit of a fail. Lucky me i have two sets of almost everything (the advantage of having to cars to choose parts from :D) So i repeated the whole thing with the Second steering column and this time used proper professional tools (aka the Spanner-extension-bits and a wood hammer, as seen on the Top). Worked way better this time without any damage:
P1140001 - Kopie

6) I wanted to remove the bearings from the Lower part of the colum as well but this item is not ment to be removed i think… There is nothing mentioned in any manual about how to get this thing out.. so i tried on my own..P1130998 - Kopie

But ended up with a damaged bearing and cover cap. (See right). So i decided before destroying the nice one (left) as well i might get this sandblasted carefully and repained i stead of powdercoated. because powdercoating needs a lot of heat to burn the colour in and this woud destroy the bearing-rubber-seal and by using paint this probably would be possible. Have to check this but so far this is my best solution…P1140005 - Kopie

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