240Z Project

240Z: Cut sparewheel well out, Parts for Powdercoating, Sandblasting and painting

Today i had a super-productive day in my opinion 🙂 Had a day off from work so i thought i’d do as many things as possible. I have some big car related news (not this car) soon, so i want to complete a few things here. More to come.
1) However, the day started like this: Bought a cheap Jigsaw (see below) And went to the garage where Z Number one (the white one) is still standing around. The other one has a bad spare-wheel well so i wanted the bodyguy to weld this one into the other chassis:P1140007 - Kopie

After 30 Minutes of cutting the well as nice as possible with the new jigsaw, The dremel Tool for hard-to-reach Areas and the Angle grinder it looked like this:
P1140008 - Kopie

Out it is:
P1140010 - Kopie

2) After Dropping off a a few parts for the Anodizing company (parts for the EK9, will post about this soon) I Went to the powedercoating company To dropp of the battery-tray-mount which Yves (the bodyshop guy) gave me, and the Spare-wheel well To sandblast and get it primered so these parts are ready to get welded back in at the bodyshop:P1140013 - Kopie

3) Also had these set of parts dropped off at the powdercoating company for a sandblast and Powdercoat. (Original doglegs, Steering colum parts, Original steering knuckles, Bedalbox and Pedals, Seatbelt mounts and Differential-belt mounts):P1140014 - Kopie

Btw: This is how the powdercoating company looks from the inside. they’re specialized in huge parts (like crane-pieces and stuff) so it’s a seriously big undustrial complay and a automated powdercoating cycle:
DSC_0716 - Kopie

4) And while i was on my parts-delivery tour i Visited my good friend Nadya, who works at an industrial paintshop and delivered the parts from the second steering colum for painting. The reason is powdercoating needs to be burnt-in at high temperatures but because i still have the rubber-seal and the bearing inside i wanted to have it painted without any heat. Also i know Nadya very well and was happy to explain herin detail what i need. While the Powdercoating company works on a totally unpersonal way and i’ts hard to get special wishes done right.  P1140012 - Kopie

Hope to complete a lot of things as soon as these parts return from the various shops 🙂

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