240Z Project

240Z: A visit to the Bodyshop

Have wanted to visit my Fairlady and Yves at the Bodyshop for a while, but sadly i never really found time. That until last thursday. Just wanted to talk about the “Master plan” regarding the chassis and see the work he did so far. As usual great work from what i can say. But i’ll let the pictures talk:
P1130979 - Kopie
P1130977 - Kopie P1130974 - Kopie P1130976 - Kopie P1130973 - Kopie

So Far the front-right Corner almost is done…
– Battery-tray area fixed (battery tray will be sandblasted, primered and welded back in soon)
– New Rocker panels created from sheetmetal and replaced old ones.
– Inner side sills repaired
– Frame rail rebuilt and partially replaced with the NOS one i brought him.
– Complete front inner wheel well repaired
– Front air channel repaired and rebuilt from sheet metal
– Firewall below Battery tray replaced (Work in progress)

Next steps will be replacing the floorpanels with replacement panels i brought him, as well as completing the firewall on the passenger side. Then the work will move to the passenger-backend of the car.

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