240Z Project

240Z: First swiss test drive by Automobilrevue & Press car pictures

In May 1972 The swiss “Automobilrevue” magazine tested the Datsun 240Z. I think it was an original “Final spec” Car as seen in the pictures below with swiss (Zürich) numberplates. I think it must be one of the very first imported european “Final spec” cars with 5-speed manual transmission, (See front and rear spoiler, blinker lights in the grille, only one mirror, no vented hatch, etc…), that was used by datsun (suisse) SA / Fehlmann Motor group, as a press and show car. The test is very thoroughly and includes a lot of technical data and information (Various acceleration tests, etc..) and is full of praise for the japanese car.
The original Aritcle can be purchased Here. (in German)
In the 05.03.2020 issue, Automobilrevue re-released the original test in their “Classic” sections but with re-scanned, better original pictures. it can be bought here (also german).
All pictures with kind approval of Automobilrevue. Thanks a lot!

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