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240Z: Custom milled footrest bolts arrived

The Bolts that hold the footrest to the floorpans have custom specs, that do not fit into any DIN / EN / ISO norm, so it’s not possible to purchase them at any standard hardware supplier.
There are similar ones, but most of them have a too large head, that needs cutting to fit with the L-shaped “Feet” of the footrest).
So i had a local milling shop (specialized in oldtimer-parts) make the bolts for the footrest according to the drawing i made (see below) in stainless steel, since the original ones where bent, and pretty worn.
Check out their website: http://werkstatt-diversicum.ch/oldtimer-motorr-c3-a4der.shtml
They’re specialized in milling special bolts and reproducing / repairing mechanical parts for oldtimer cars and the service was excellent! Thanks a lot!

Original ones:

New ones:

Perfect tight fitment, as the factory ones.
What might be interesting is that the bolts where added to the “feet” before painting the whole thing as one unit, from the factory.
You can clearly see (not in these pictures), that there is rust and no paint on the area below the original boltheads.

Here’s the drawing if anyone ever needs to make those. I have a set leftover, since i got a free set with my order (thanks!).
If anyone is interested, let me know. (since the “f” value is covered by my logo – it’s also 4mm)

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