240Z Project

240Z: Steering rack Assembly III, Front LCA’s installed, More news from the Bodyshop

So everyday i try to spend at least 30minutes in the basment in my little Home-workshop assembling parts. But honestly progress is allways slower then i was hoping for, because it needs just so much time figuring out all the bolts, nuts and how everything belongs together. But better do it only once, but slow istead of rushing and messing everything up 🙂
1) Yesterday i got som industrial grade Superglue from the office to glue that rubber-stopper that is mounted on the steering rack Assembly. Before:
P1130962 - Kopie

And after glueing it back (I reused the old rubber piece because it’s not available anymore and after a bit of cleaning it looked nice). Should be bulletproof now 🙂
P1130963 - Kopie

2) Had some sparetime after t hat so i decided to use it and prepare the Seatbelt-mounts for sandblasting and powedercoating. Before:
P1130960 - Kopie

And after. Mounts removed. Note sure about this seatbelts. it’s a swedish brand so definitly not Genuine Nissan. Probably installed by nissan switzerland upon import due to different safety regulations here. But they looked like a nice solution so i think i keep them if i don’t find any better thing 🙂
P1130961 - Kopie

3) Today i started with the Front subframe. Started like this:  P1130967 - Kopie

Then after a few small fitting-works installed the Front Lower control arms (LCA’s).
Click here for a great writeup about how to install them! This was very useful!P1130968 - Kopie

Here we go! Front LCA’s temorarly installed. Haven’t tightened the nuts yet because i want to be sure everything alignts befor tightening stuff…
P1130969 - Kopie

4) Then installed that rubber-stopper-thingy on the Steering rack:
P1130970 - Kopie

And then couldn’t help myself but had to install the steering rack to the front assembly temporarly just to get me the feeling about how it will look soon. Somehow satisfying seeing all these puzzle-parts come together:
P1130971 - Kopie

5) And of course, Yves my bodyshop guy keeps me updated almost daily about progress. But i will visit him and my fairlady again tomorrow so expect some nice fotos 🙂
Note these are work-in-progress Fotos of the front Firewall / Battery tray area (which is usually rusty from leaked battery-acid). So the final result will look better 😉  IMG-20150302-WA0001 - Kopie

IMG-20150302-WA0002 - Kopie

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