240Z Project

240Z: More Datsun Suisse documents, Service Bulletins & OS-giken Poster

First, i got another Datsun (Suisse) SA information leaflet. I think it must be from early 1970 or so, according to the figures and cars listed inside.

As the other ones i have, it containes a lot of information about Nissan Japan in general, some sales figures, etc…

And of course their cars. What is particulary interesting here, is that this document was most probably made by Datsun Suisse itself, since it contains
Pictures of Swiss cars, in front of typical swiss houses with Swiss numberplates. I think it must be some of the very earliest imported cars of their types then.

I found the swiss leaflet in france, and it came along a lot of belgian and french Datsun documents which i don’t need and want to sell.
UPDATE: Belgian & French documents have been sold back to france, where i originally got them from! No more documents for sale currently!

Then i got a set of OS-giken TC24-B1Z Posters. I’ve seen them handed out at the TAS in Japan a year or two ago, but wasn’t able to get one, so i had my
own ones printed. Turned out pretty good. I won’t sell them or anything so it’s just a decoration thing for my garage.

Then i got the Service bulletin vol.181, issued in January 1973. The main topic is the introduciton of various safety devices for a few Datsun cars.

The most interesting one here, probably beeing the addtional door guard assembly on the HLS30 cars

I have more documents on the way, and of course i’m looking to get some physical work done on the car again soon…

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