240Z: Another two books about the Fairlady Z arrived

Well yeah, i have yet another two new books to add to my ever evolving list of Z-related books i have to read and translate when i find some time.
1) Fairlady Z Story and history, Vol. 1 – The 50th Anniversary Chronicles.
A book about the history of the Z including the development

It contains some backgroundinformation. for example about road testing in America:

And some of the racing cars. I’ve just been flicking through it yet, but it seems it seems to focus on the car globally with pictures showing old woking station, american race cars but also the japanese. so this might be an interessteing one 🙂

2) Japanese masterpiece series [Vol.12] – Nissan Fairlady
This book is actually a bit older (released in August 1973).

The cool thing is, it contains some backgronud information but also a lot of nice drawings and technical information about the different version. as shown below.

Still have to read it as well, but they seem to be (aside from the factory books) some of the more promising and serious books i bought. But i still have to prove my initial feelings about them 🙂

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