240Z: Rear lower valance comparison

So lately i had the opportunity to compare my two rear lower valances which i had..
The first one i got from MSA (not sure who is the manufacturer. and the second one which i bought later from Auto Panel solutions UK. I wanted to give you a little quality comparison by laying them next-to-next and compare the details. The raw Metal one is from MSA, and the yellow coated one is from Auto Panel solutions.
1) What you can clearly see is the non-existens of coating on the raw-metal one. So after a while they start to rust, even if stored in a relative dry place:

2) The second big difference is that the yellow one is slightly rounded, like the original panels, while the MSA ones are completely flat and need a lot of adjustment to get the original shape.

3) Then the shape of the exhaust exit, which is closer to the original ones on the Yellow panels.
4) Then there’s also an original bent little lip on the bottom side on the yellow one, like in the original panels, while the MSA panels just have a straight, sharp edge at the bottom end.
5) and last but not least, the location and sizes of the holes, which are different on both panels. 

I don’t want to do any recommondations on what tu buy here. That’s up to you. I just wanted to show you the differences. They might seem small, but if you want to have a good looking car, you can spend a lot of time getting those little details right…

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