• ATENZA: Auto Folding mirror kit arrived

    Got a package from the UK Today with a little upgrade for my Mazda 6: The C850-V7-650A Mazda OEM Auto folding mirror kit I know this item was available on higher trim-levels but not on mine. And now it’s not available as an optional upgrade item in switzerland anymore. You may still be able to order it from an local mazda dealership most probably, but i bought it pretty cheap on ebay new and original while browsing through some ads. The kit will automatically fold in the mirrors, once the car is shut down. Since i have to park in a tight spot at my work, i really like the…

  • 240Z: Passenger floor pan in, pt 1

    So, My panelbeater started work on the passenger side floors. Those hungarian-made floor pans came in.. before: After: Still have to be welded etc. but overall fitment looks nice. Here is the bottom side fitment together with the NOS frame rails. Seems pretty spot-on!

  • 240Z: Driver side lower side frame fixed

    Just another update from my Metal-wizard. The driver side lower frame has been cutout. A new piece has been fabricated. And now it’s back in. I guess the next big part will be the LH rear quarter and inner wheel well.. I’ll go to have a closeup look soon 🙂

  • 240Z: Mr. K Book & Competition steering wheel arrived

    After a long time i got some parts for my Z-project again. The first item is a book about Yutaka “Mr. K Katayama”. Some people think that his role with the Z is a bit overrated by the average media. But since the book is written originally by Japanese Takashi Ashikawa  in japanese and has been translated since. i guess there might be more truth behind it than the average glorifying of Mr. K. I haven’t read a single word so i have to dive into it first befor i can say anything more.. It might sound repetitive but the coolest things i tend to find when i don’t look…

  • HOUSE: The Garage / House / Workshop build finalization (pt. 4)

    So, things are wrapping up with the house, approx. 5 Months after moving in, it seems like the big open tasks are finnished. Still a ton of small things to do here and there, but the pace slows down and i find more and more time to finally enjoy our beautiful  home. Just in time for Christmas season. So this also brings me time to give you the final update on the project. If you’ve missed it, check out part 1, Part 2, Part 3 So what happened after part 3 ended? We moved in… and the gardeners started to complete the surrounding, like the entrance walkway which continues right…

  • 240Z: Rear lower valance welded on

    Good news. My bodyshop guy is back at work with my car. First he welded back the sandblasted rea bumper mounting brackets: Then the inside of the trunk floor got sanded and painted with rust protection: Before the rear lower valance got fitted and welded back in blacke. Finally i got a rear end again. Wow <3 Next week the spare tire wheel well should go back in, before work on the left rear quarter starts 🙂 This should go faster compared to the left side, since i have a complete NOS quarter panel and it doesn’t have a fuel filler neck 😉

  • ATENZA: OEM Roof spoiler arrived

    I never had big plans in modifying the Atenza, but somehow the Optional OEM / Mazdaspeed (depending on the catalogue you look at) bigger roof spoiler has been floating around in my mind for a while, so when i saw a new one for sale for a good price i went and grabbed it: i made a little test-mockup too. Before (Standard roof spoiler) New bigger one. needs to be painted before installation, of course… Now this is not only a styling-item but also an useful thing. Since i drive my car mostly on the autobahn from and to work this might come in handy. According to the 2015 japanese…