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HOUSE: The new BIG Project (Garage, workshop & House)

You may have noticed a significant lack of updates lately and the pace has been going down slowly over the last year or so. That wasn’t because i lost interest. No. Instead it was because, aside from wedding planning and general life, of another project which has slowly been growing in secret. The reason why i haven’t released any information until now, is because we had to argue about 10 months with the local government to finally get a build-permission. but since a few weeks we finally got everything and it’s time to reveal the BIG project:

We (me & my wife) will build our future home together with another home next to it. Thanks to some fortunate circumstances this will save us some money and allow us to get some extra stuff.
The clue about the project (and why i post this here) is that it will include a big shared underground garage with two workshops (one for me and one for our future neighbours). There will be space for a total of 5-7 cars, depending on how you park them. It will include a dedicated workspace with a workshop-lift, a workshop area and a storage compartment. So finally i will have a clean and warm workspace. with all my tools, parts, and cars in ONE place, rather than have them scattered around in varous garages, workshops and places. It’s truly a dream coming true for every car enthusiast and has been on my wish list since i started to work on cars. Everythin within the orange lines is our part of the shared basement:

I will not oo too much into detail, but if you’re interested, there’s a build-thread which i will update more regulary on garagejournal (mainly about the garage part):
Also i will update you once in a while here on

During the build i don’t think i have much time (or money) for my cars left, but at the end it will benefit my project and cars. And the house will also host an array of cool gimmicks and high-techery, which i’ll reveal once they’re getting built. Build start is planned for end of june, but i’m not sure if this will work  out.

This is the future construction site with the posts up. will be removed soon, since we have the permission now and can start to build 🙂


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