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EK9: New HyperRev & EK9.org sticker

No big news, but i realized after installing my New windshield, i had never put the EK9.org sticker back on the new screen. Then i found out that my 8 Year old-spare sticker from guatemala hat dried-out glue and was brittly. After asking on the EK9.org site i found that now another guy in UK makes and sells those and ordered a set, which showed up a few days later:

Had the leftovers from my attempt to install the aged stickers removed with a surgical scalpel:

And the new one on. Great quality and worth the bucks:

Here we go.

Then got the other HyperRev magazine for the EK9 civic, since i only had version two of it:

Both together. Lots of cool stuff which i haven’t seen before inside, from a time when the car was brand new 🙂 

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