EK9 Project

EK9: Cleaned and new “H-Badges” installed

I’m not that kind of guy that spends every saturday washing his car four hours. I like my cars clean but i’m sure every car detailer would have a hard lough looking at what i call a “clean” car. so i thought it was upon time to give the car a proper wash. Well at least for what i’m capable of. This was done over the period of a few months. but let’s start in the beginning. Last fall i found an old buttle of tar and insect remover and thought i’d give it a try:

What started with a simple test quickly escalated to an afternoon full of cleaning. after giving it a quick garden-hose wash… 

I pulled out my cleaning wax ball to remove the small Resin dots from the trees around my house. This worked out great

And an hour later the car was shiny as ever…

Decided to give it another quick wash with demineralized water at the local washing station:

Then put it for hibernation but not before giving the rubbers some care with a silicone stick:

And putting a moisture-collector inside to keep it dry…

And while at it anyway, why not give the cockpit some lotion with a nice smell?

After getting it out of hibernation a few weeks ago i thought i still want to give it a better cleaning. so i pulled out my trusty Kärcher with the Foam-gun tool. this stuff is awesome.

After a bit of a high-pressure wash and cleaning with a micro-fiber towel it was time for the “real” job…

Replacing the old faded Honda “H”-emblems. carefully removed it by use of a wrapped screwdriver and a heat gun.

Took my quite some time to get rid of the old nasty sticky stuff

Here’s a comparison. Left new and shiny, right old and faded…

Here we go. new emblem installed.

And same on the rear. Just a small detail but looks way better.

Took my wife for a short spirited evening drive and took some photos on the way. Will have to return to this place for a proper photoshoot 🙂

While driving i figoured out it could need a little vacuum-cleaner job as well. so got that done today.

Ya’ all know that cleaning is a neverending story. But somehow i feel it’s ready for the summer-season now. I think within the next years i’ll spend some money on giving it a professional polishing and waxing job. But for now it’ looks good 🙂

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