• EK9: New H-Emblems

    Nothing big, but with my last delivery from Japan, i got a set of brand new Honda H emblems for the front and the rear of the EK9, because the old ones have faded. Will replace them soon to get it back to it’s former glory. All about the details, right? 🙂

  • 240Z: Chin spoiler sanded, Hayashi parts, Enkei mags and other parts from JP

    You just have to love the days, when this is in your mailbox (or next to it): But let’s start in chronological order. On saturday i decided it’s time to get rid of the old paint (Part two) of the lately acquired chin spoiler. Since the weak paint stripper (stronger ones are forbidden now in Switzerland). didn’t do anything i got out my CSD Disks and that worked pretty well.. Before: And about an hour later: Yesterday the first package then showed up at the door. A set of Dixcel front disks for the OEM Brakes (for use with the MK63 solid type calipers). I decided to go for the…

  • 240Z: Rear hatch window investigation, Race & Rallye magazine

    Time for another update. I lately stumbled on the Nissan / Datsun USA Technical service bulletin about the change of the hatch window rear defroster lines from Vertical to horizontal: Since i had been wondering why my cars (which were built close together) came with two different types of windows, which i figoured out lately, it cought my interest and i started to look closer. Car 1. SNR:  HLS30-56801came with old horizontal lines. Registered in March 1972 Car 2. SNR: HLS30-59660 came with Vertical lines.Registered in May 1972 Strange enough, the SNR of my (European spec) cars are one Digit shorter than the ones mentioned in (American) Service bulletin. Both…

  • SHOW: Geneva International Motor Show

    Yesterday me and my friend Danny went to the renowned Geneva international motorshow to look at the latest and greatest that the motoring world has to offer. I’ll concentrate on the Japanese cars in this post and i’m happy to say there wgtere some interesting cars 🙂 After entering the show the first car on display was this 2JZ swapped IS350 Drift monster from swiss driver Franz “Hunki” Hunkeler, sporting a full Kazama Auto widebody kit. It even appears to be the Ex Kazama D1 car (beeing RHD) if you look closer… After walking through the accessory halls and entering the real show, one of the first booths to see…

  • 240Z: Swiss sales brochure

    I realized i never shared the swiss 240Z Sales brochure which i got from my good friend Stefan a while ago. and thought it’s upon time. These are scans from above original printed sales brochure which he found and donated to me. It was found in an old stock at an ex Datsun, now nissan Dealership. Enjoy the read 🙂