240Z Project

240Z: Chin spoiler sanded, Hayashi parts, Enkei mags and other parts from JP

You just have to love the days, when this is in your mailbox (or next to it):

But let’s start in chronological order. On saturday i decided it’s time to get rid of the old paint (Part two) of the lately acquired chin spoiler. Since the weak paint stripper (stronger ones are forbidden now in Switzerland). didn’t do anything i got out my CSD Disks and that worked pretty well.. Before:

And about an hour later:

Yesterday the first package then showed up at the door. A set of Dixcel front disks for the OEM Brakes (for use with the MK63 solid type calipers). I decided to go for the optional black painted center-hubs, just for the looks and to prevent the area from surface rust, which is quite common there…

And today some more stuff showed up at my door. Pitworks oil filter (mainly bought it because it was cheap and fitted in the same box for free..)

The lately released Hayashi oil filler cap. in an awesome packing that only the japanese can do 🙂

Set of genuine JAF Emblems (not sure if i will put them on the car, but i liked it). will post some details about this in another post…

Mspeed firewall rubber grommet

Well and a little blingy Z-keychain (From mspeed), because i didn’t have anything to put my keys on and it fitted in the package for free..

Set of NOS brake pads. not interested in the pads themselves, but needed the metal-shims, which i messed up from my original set…

Then some reading stuff. Japanese Z-story book. looks promising but have to study it first:

Japense (later version) Z432-R & 240Z  Race & Rallye preparation manual… 

has lots of technical information about how to prepare the car and some additional information.

Nostalgic Hero S30Z only book.

Seems to have some interesting cars and information inside as well…

Oh and then a beautiful set of old used but restoreable Enkei mag wheels…

Unfortunately the Shirt and Wheels are not for me or my project. I just helped a friend get them here. but because they’re nice i thought i’d share the pictures anyway 🙂

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