240Z Project

240Z: Roofcut stripped, Datsun Competition steering knuckles, Cusco strut tower bar

Well yeah, had some big plans this week for the Z, but unfortunately a Flu hit me and i’m lying with a cold and fever in the bed fourth day in a row. However i got so bored of laying around all the time today i HAD to do something so i decided to finally unpack that roof that is standing in my entry hall since a few weeks. Before:
P1140259 - Kopie

And after unbolting a couple dozens of screws:
P1140260 - Kopie

P1140263 - Kopie

While at it anyway i decided to strip it as well so i have that done too:
P1140264 - Kopie

Found this old matchstick box underneath the roof skin. Always fun to find old stuff:
P1140267 - Kopie

and also removed the “pockets” for the hinges:
P1140268 - Kopie

As soon as i was complete my favourite guy rung the doorbell. The Postal delivery guy πŸ˜€
Thanks to golden week holiday in Japan my package was slightly delayed, but however i got some stuf from japan again:
1) A Cusco ST-Type front strut tower bar. Not sure if it will clear the kakimoto valve cover and if i will use it anyway, but i thought it’s never wrong to have the parts ready in stock. Like the oldschool tubular design πŸ˜‰
P1140272 - Kopie

2) A set of super rare NOS genuine Datsun Competition Short steering knuckles straight from the Datsun competition catalogue.P1140269 - Kopie

In case if you’re wondering here’s the description from the datsun competition catalogue:
P1140271 - Kopie

And here is a comparision between the Standard knuckles (black) And the Competition knuckles (Silver):P1140270 - Kopie

More parts are on the way and im starting to feel better again so i hope to spend the afternoon tomorrow at the garage πŸ˜‰

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