SHOW: 2014 Japaner old- & Youngtimer meeting Gloten-Sirnach

Beautiful weather, some nice old and new friends and lots of cool japanese Steel, what do you want more on a sunday? Thats how it was today at the japanese old and youngtimer meeting in Gloten sirnach in Switzerland. The vibe was really laidback and relaxing and i met a few really cool people. thanks to all who came to talk to me :)

The diversity of cars and brands was really great. It’s only a pity i missed to shoot a few cool cars before they left. Loved this rare toyota Sports 800 on original Hayashi wheels. what a rare sight :)

This genuine swiss Skyline GC10 “Hakosuka” was the first i saw in real life. But sadly it was in bad shape and had a lot of 80ies style tuning which made the car look terrible in my opinion. but good to see these rare cars are still alive :)P1120521

This is my mate Jerome’s beautiful Datsun 510 Bluebird. Great colour and rare car over here as well.P1120470

Another cool car  (Sunny B12) from a customer of mine. Sadly i didn’t find Davide to talk to him before they left :(P1120453

This Datsun 2000 Deluxe-six was probably one of the oldest, but also coolest cars around gotta love the Gangster vibe these cruisers give you immediatly when standing next to them :)P1120459

They also let a few more modern but rare cars to the show area like this Autech Stagea RS with RB26 Engine and drivetrain from the Skyline models. It’s basically a R34 skyline wagon. It seemed to be freshly imported and beeing in process of making it road legal and beeing nice again. because it looked a bit abused…P1120539

Another rare sight from an austrian attendant: A Mazdaspeed AZ-1. Never seen one of these Kei-coupe’s before (ecxept the daihatsu copen). but this rear-engined car with gullwings looked like a hell of fun to drive.P1120523

Mazda and datsun guys had the biggest number of cars at the show so it was nice to see a few 240Z and newer models like the 260Z, 280ZX and the 300ZX in different themes:P1120534

Celica GT liftback. Sometimes American influence made the japanese cars even cooler :)P1120505

There was plenty more to see. so check the gallery for all the pix.  Hope to be able to attend the event with my own car in a few years :)

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4 Responses to SHOW: 2014 Japaner old- & Youngtimer meeting Gloten-Sirnach

  1. kingsice says:

    What, you where there too? I didn’t see you there too. And I also didn’t see the Hakusoka, I must have been walking around with eyes closed 😀
    I’m sure we’ll see us again sometime soon at another meeting 😉

  2. Hi there 😀 We’ll you left pretty early *lol* just joking. I saw your cars when i arrived, but didn’t see you. walked arouond a bit and then figured out you already left. Short thereafter the Hakosuka arrived.. you should have stayed an hour longer 😀

  3. Dom Locc says:

    Holy shit a Stagea in Switzerland, and only a 5min drive from the place i live..damn why didn’t i go haha. Ah well, nice pics as always.

    • there was at least at one point another one with swiss homologation with some “Kärcher” graphics on it. However the show is small but cool, very laid back atmosphere and well worth a visit :)

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