240Z: Parts back from powdercoating, Started polishing the ashtray :)

Despite the fact i’m currently just moving my home, which means a lot of work i still found some time to get a bit of stuff done here and there..
1) Just picked up a box full of finished parts at the powdercoating company yesterday. They sandblasted, degreased and powdercoated the parts in RAL9005 Satin black. I love the result πŸ™‚
P1120549 - Kopie

Somehow they missed to coat a few smaller spots at the hard to reach point so i covered them with some satin black rattle-can car paint to prevent them from rust:
P1120627 - Kopie

2) I also started restoring some smaller parts just to get some stuff done. In this case the ashtray. I use some swiss-brand “metarex” metal polishing wool with integrated polishing fluid which works great on slightly corroded surfaces. Before:
P1120545 - Kopie

After….P1120548 - Kopie

Sadly i had to figure out some spots are corroded (aka rusted) too much to handle with just some metarex so i bought this Dremel polishing kit and will give it a try as soon as time allows. This will for sure also come handy at some other points i think πŸ™‚
P1120628 - Kopie

And then i moved my EK9 into it’s new home. Finally i have it directly in my garage and not at an external garage. This makes it alot easier to get some small stuff and general maintenance done compared to how it was until now when the car was stored in a garage a few blocks away from my workshop πŸ™‚P1120626 - Kopie

Also i decided (due to some extra space) to create a dedicated workspace for soldering and small restoration works at my new homeΒ  which allows me to get some stuff done i usually would have done at my company. Like creating a new wire loom etc πŸ˜€ realyl happy with the progress and still have some other parts at another paintshop to pick up next week πŸ™‚

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  1. Iulian Maciuca says:

    Ciao. Nils, nice to see that you are back to a nice pace. Keep it up. New garage looks good.

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