240Z Project

240Z: Steering rack dismantled, Seatrails testfitted

Here we go, finally some updates again πŸ™‚ Even if i’m moving my home currently i found some spare time. So i headed to the garage πŸ˜€
Wanted to complete the dismantling of my steering rack:
P1120176 - Kopie

A bit later:P1120177 - Kopie

And done πŸ™‚P1120178 - Kopie

Made this little picture to remind me in which order which part belongs where πŸ™‚P1120179 - Kopie

After that i wanted to testfit a set of seatrails i got with the first Chassis when i bought it. They came with a set of 80ies KΓΆnig seats which i sold meanwhile. Looks like the pattern fits the holes which is good because this way i have at least a base to create some seatrails for the Bride seat πŸ™‚P1120180 - Kopie

This was marked on one of the seatrails but have no idea if it’s also from KΓΆnig or some other manufacturer πŸ™‚P1120183 - Kopie

Next on my plan is to get some parts (like the Steering rack housing front subframe and transmission mounting brackets etc..) powdercoeated. once this is done i can start reassemble the Steering rack and other stuff which is the first serious step into the other direction. Not only disassembling all the time but finally some (Re-)ASSEMBLING πŸ™‚


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