• 240Z: BRIDE Histrix seat, Omori Meter Fuel Gauge, RS Watanabe Falcon Stickers arrived

    Is it Christmas already? Well, feels so, because today i got a nice delivery with some super-rare parts from the land of the rising Sun again: Forst the least important part: Some Oldschool Falcon racing stickers from RS Watanabe which will perfectly Fit my Falcon steering wheel 😀 Then i Got a NOS Fuel 52mm gauge from the now out-of-business Omori Meter company. With the right resistance for S30Z Fuel sensor. Will use this one to figure out if it will fit into the Center gaues. if yes i’ll buy two others 😀 Like the Patina / wear on the original packaging 😀 And now the Highlight 😀 A Brand…

  • SOLD: Spoon sports radiator stay, Spoon radiator cap &12V Red Neon lights

    Selling a few parts again: UPDATE: The spoon sports Radiator stay has been sold. Rest of the parts still available! Spoon sports Radiator stay. bought at spoon Japan, no fake! New, only opened package for Picture. Selling because of wrong delivery. 35.- CHF or best offer Including delivery within switzerland. Worldwide delivery possible. Fitting most Honda cars. Update 05.11.2019: This item has been sold too and is not available anymore! Another Spoon sports japan item, brand new, just opened for pictures. Type-F. Fitting most Aftermarket Radiators. Not fitting most OEM-radiators! 35.- CHF or best offer including delivery within switzerland. Worldwide delivery possible.

  • GARAGE Life: Petrolified Kenmeri & Wall of wheels posters

    I’m Planning to move into a new home in a few months so i need some new decoration 😀 After i already got the Poster from Starroad a while ago i just found these great Posters from Petrolified and immediately had to have them 😀 I only bought the “wall of wheels” and got the kenmeri poster for free. great quality and love the design. They will look great in my new home 🙂