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240Z: More bits and pieces arrived

Last week i got offered another bunch of parts from a seller which i’ve bought parts from before. His packages usually contain a lot of mystery parts from other generation Z’s, some random Z memorabilia and then some really nice and rare bits for my project in a package deal.

This time was no different and the parts arrived today. The lot incldued two very nice hubcaps and two pretty worn ones:

A bunch of NOS parts and refurbished ones. I was told the switch with cable on the top center is a “Joker” switch for those blind spots in the center console. I have to figure that out and confirm it first. One of the most important parts for me definitly is the Handbrake divider thing, which was still mising in my parts so far and that “Datsun” horn button on the top left (no brand, but i guess it’s aftermarket) which might be nice to fit to one of my aftermarket steering wheels.

A set of random new and re-plated fasteners. Some which i can immediately identify as S30, some remain a mystery. Also not all of them are in very good condition despite being replated and beyond usage.  But that’s no problem, i have most of those parts either new or in refurbished good condition and will just keep them as “spares” in my nuts and bolts box 🙂

The set also included a newer “Option” Magazine about the fairlady Z, which included a starroad tuned S30 and a Car with the  Datsunworks Crossflow head. And then this metal model of an 1932 Datsun. The box looks old but i wasn’t able to see a manufacturer at my quick first look and i’ve seen a few of those for sale over the year. anyway. Nice to have in my diecast-corner.

And then some other bits and pieces which might or might not be useful at some point of the restauration. that 260Z (i think) center cap is absolutely mint, so i will probably put it up for sale and that bob sharp keychain is definitely nice, at the end it might look like a useless lot of random parts, but from my experience you can never have a good enough diversity of all those small bits and pieces, because i assure you that definitely one of these small little bastards will miss during your assembly and that 50cent item is blocking your assembly for weeks.

I have a few nice documents coming in soon, plan to visit another seller soon and also hope to have a visit to the bodyshop again soon. Stay tuned

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