240Z: Transmission internals FS5C71A

While i consider the 240Z quite a common classic (compared to other cars) around the world, it can get hard to find good quality spare-parts – especially for the parts that where installed in markets outside america only. As it is the case with the 5-speed transmission (only optional and rare in the USA). And then even more specially in the case of the early FS5C71A transmission, which i happen to have.

This means a lot of research and sometimes going to the other side of the world and as far as Australia to find some quality parts.

I have to thank the guys at www.SWMotorsport.com.au for providing me with the right parts for my Transmission.

Today i finally got a delivery of:
– Bearing kit
– Front Seal
– Rear Seal
– 1x Front & 2x Center gaskets
– Gear lever Pin & Clip
– Roll Pin
– Speedo drive Seal
– Striker shaft seal

And all for a decent price and fast shipping too! Thank you so much for the great service. Nice to still have those small shops able to provide the market with the stuff we need 🙂

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