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EVENT: Tokyo Auto Salon 2016 Part 2 – Mazda’s

So Let’s start the TAS ’16 Coverage with Mazda. In comparison to Honda, Toyota or Even Nissan, Mazda is a quite small Automaker in Japan. But it definitly ruled the Show this year at TAS. First of all they had the most Enthusiast-minded cars at their booth. Compared to others which had boring concept car of future transportation, Mazda had the real deal Sportscars there. LM55 Vision GT Real-life anyone?

Seriously, How can you not love this car??P1160552 P1160553

Mazda also brought their latest hint on the roatry-future. Their RX-Vision…P1160555 P1160560

But the real star of the Show was the lately released MX-5 Roadstar ND. Here by Damd:  P1160397 P1160398

Or Garage Vary:P1160402

They even had this very cool NC Roadster Bobby Car 🙂P1160406

The Greddy / Rocket-Bunny took home the “Best of Show” Award…P1160415 P1160443

I Personally liked the simpler Blitz version:P1160564 P1160570

But there were countless more, like Esqueleto:  P1160601

Kuhl Racing:P1160604

Or Acre Brakes:P1160645

Then of Course there was RE-Amemiya. They had this Nice RX-7 at their booth:P1160573

And their latest reinterpretation of the FD RX-7:P1160578

But my personal Star of the show was this one. The Mazda Chantez is a 70ties City Car which has been fully restored, Modified to look like what reminds me of a Modern Berg-cup Racer and Powered by a NA 13B Rotary Engine!! Great Stuff 🙂P1160574

But Also the other Mazda’s in their lineup was well represented. The New CX-3 and Demio were everywere…P1160340





And last (and least) there was this. A really strange interpretion of the FD RX-7 and the RX-8…P1160713Tomorrow let’s look at Honda’s or Classics. Not sure yet 🙂

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