EJ9: HondaHolics EK/EJ-Shooting from 2007

Well yeah, as my new Daily car will arrive soon my old daily beater will leave me soon as well. So i dug through some old archives and found these pictures from 2007, which Hondaholics member “Impurttuner” made back then. Still quite nice pictures. It’s obvously my Car was the only Non-EK while all the others were the real deal EK4. However Looking at the pics make me remember how cool my EJ9 once was to me. EK9 replica roof spoiler. JDM-styled (aka bronze coloured) Barracuda wheels, cheap-ass Type-R Replika lipkit, Lazer muffler, and so on. All the cheap parts for a cheap car but still love the look. Nowadays it’s just a rusty old bucket 😀 Time to remember the good old days with a few pictures from 2007. Credits to Importtuner for shooting and Editing them 😉
hhek05zi4 - Kopie
hhek06zr0 - Kopie
hhek09hq1 - Kopie hhek08am4 - Kopie CIMG2787 - Kopie CIMG2774 - Kopie

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