240Z: Parts back from sandblasting / Powdercoating, Pillowball mounst installed and new rubber insulator

Seems like i do a little bit on my car every evening lately and that’s so much fun 🙂
1) Went to the local hardware store and picked up a few 10.8 grade bolts for installing my JDM three-five Pillowball mounts:
P1140065 - Kopie

P1140063 - Kopie

Of course i had to install them directly after coming home. One more part instaleld on the front subframe 😀P1140066 - Kopie

P1140068 - Kopie

2) Today i went to the Sandblasting / Powedercoating company to pick up my parts. The battery-mount and the Sparewheel-well only got a sandblast and primer so the bodyshop can weld them in and the painter paint them:
P1140071 - Kopie

The rest of them got powdercoated RAL9005, Satin black. I don’t need all of the parts but i thought while i’m at it anyway why not throw in a few spare-parts? No big price difference anyway. Most important is the pedalbox and -parts. But more on that soon 🙂
P1140075 - Kopie

3) And last but not least i went to the local rubber-shop and had them replicate that rubber-insulator between the steering colum and the firewall according to my shitty template i made from the old seal. However, the result fits nicely and it was cheap so i’m happy 🙂
P1140076 - Kopie

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