240Z Project

240Z: Steering column assembly

Last few evenings i’ve been working on the assembly of the steering column. Started with the delivery of the freshly sandblasted and painted housing parts:
P1140043 - Kopie

The steering colum mount still had the old glue inside so i tried a few methods to clean it but figured out the “solvent cleaner” (which is actually an industrial grade label-sticker remover) works brillant compared to the dremel-and-wire-wheel method 😛
P1140046 - Kopie

this was the result after wiping it a few times. see before picture above:
P1140047 - Kopie

Next was glueing the old and cleaned rubber insulators back in. they where still quite nice and soft and no new ones available so i decided to reuse them:
P1140060 - Kopie

I put the plastic piece from the steering lock and the two bearings into the fridge to get them minimized a bit and at the same time put the housing on my radiator to warm and expand it slightly for a few hours:
P1140048 - Kopie

After that it was quite easy to hammer the bearings and the plastic piece back into the housing carefully with a wooden hammer and the professional tool (aka the big wrench nut and expander) 😀
P1140049 - Kopie

After cleaning all the small bits and regreasing them i had them back into the housing as well (thanks to the help of my girlfriend, because it’s impossible to compress the spring and at the same time install the lock-ring – trust me. i tried for about an hour 😛
P1140054 - Kopie

The result:P1140055 - Kopie

So  here we have the steering colum minus the mounting bracket:P1140057 - Kopie

but i’ve installed that shortly thereafter 😀 thats it for today. Have a last small bit of work tomorrow and hopefully more coming soon 🙂P1140062 - Kopie

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