240Z: News from the Bodyshop (Rear lower corner detailling)

Finally my Panelbeater is back at work and sent me a little update from today. Not a big difference to see compared to the last update, be he’s now detailling and un-denting all the tiny spots that make the difference at the end:

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240Z: Nissan Sport Service Transmission Manual

While our garage- / Workshop- and House build is coming along nicely…

There was something i’ve been looking for since a long while to complete my Documentation. And more than once i missed a chance to get one of those. but finally i Managed to get hands on it. Or at least a copy of it. the Nissan Sport service transmission manual. It’s basically a Book with lots of background information on all (or most of them) optional transmissions for japanese nissans back in the day. I haven’t gone through it yet but the information seems to be very useful… I want to thank a certain Man in Japan for taking the effort to copy this for me in excellent quality. Don’t want to name you in public because many others may want to get this too, but you know who you are. Thank you! Will pretty sure post some Z-related data from the book on my Blog over the course of the next weeks. whenever i find time.

Original and copy:


Some basic information about the Z-relevant transmissions:

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240Z: Nissan service announcement Book “Introduction of Fairlady Z”

While i’m busy building my garage/house/Workshop i don’t have a lot of time to spend on the cars, but still from time to time i get some things done. like looking for interesting reads. Today this arrived from japan: A set ofย  Nissan service announcement Book No. 184 “Introduction of Fairlady Z”. With tons of information about the then new Fairlady Z.

Still need to read through it (and my japanese isn’t Very well). but so far i already found some really interesting information in there… For examlpe here the different badging on the different japanese versions of the cars are explained. Sure you find this information in the parts manual as well, but there is a lot more background information and additional information in this books and i absolutely love it ๐Ÿ™‚

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EVENT: Various cool upcoming events in September

It appears that Car season in switzerland is in full swing now. Aside from the “Bergrennen Oberhallau” in two weeks (the local and beautiful hillclimb), there are a lot of cool events in September which i thought i have to share with you. I usually don’t advertise anything on my website, but these events are just worth a visit and i like to support the hard working people who make these events possible.

1) There is a new Japanese old- and youngtimer meeting this year. I don’t know who organizes it, but i thought it might be worth a try. According to the flyer, cars to 1998 build year are allowed. There’s a Classic japanese racecar exhibition too and entry is free.

2) Toyota old- and youngtimer meet. This is an annual meet which i’ve never been able to attend but i wish i could have gone to drool over the old legends. If you own a toyota, or just like them, this is the place to go. Toyota classic car scene in switzerland is strong with some very rare cars…

3) Memorial Hillclimb Steckborn. This one is a bit more special. The memorial hillclimb is a Hillclimb with lots of classic cars. the last time i was able to attend a few years ago (it’s not every year) it had quite a bit of cool japanese machines in the mix as well. Some old toyota’s, Datsun’s and even super rare Mazda’s fighting the clock up the hill. Also it’s at the beatiful lake of Bodensee, so you have an awesome view from the hill as well ๐Ÿ™‚

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240Z: Bodyshop rear corner re-attached.

This is just a short (but important) update. The right hand side rear lower corner has been re-attached (replacement part cutout from a donor car, which i found in America) to the car. This means the right side is complete again. At least from the outside. Now just floors, roof, rear and left side left *lol*. allthough i think the most complicated part of the body restauration is completed now. Still will take a lot of months until the rest is completed..

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240Z: News from the Bodyshop (Door alignment)

It has been a while since a serious update on the 240Z has happened. it was a bit of a hectic time the last few weeks. Aside from marrying my wife and having a three-week / 4850km road-trip to sweden and back (See here) we also started building our House including a big Workshop and Garage (See here), which will be the final home of the Z, and where it will be assembled.
At least my bodyshop guy was working during my absence and sent me some updates from the Z. No big things, but again those small details that matter and make the difference between a cheap resto and a bit more serious one. The door gap at the rear fender has been adjusted and aligned, so that it will have a perfect fit. Before:

And after my Panelbeater worked his magic. Looks absolutely lovely if you ask me.
Now just hope fore some more work getting done soon ๐Ÿ™‚

Oh, and waiting for some interesting reads from Japan too ๐Ÿ™‚

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PLACES: Roadtrip to Sweden and Local Z Owner

So, recently me and my wife made a 4850km Road trip to sweden. Three weeks of driving, our wedding in the middle and then some more driving. Coast to Coast.
My daily mazda performed very well, and proved it can handle luggage for three weeks plus a complete wedding Decoration, a box of wine-bottles and camping set nicely. there was even some spare-space ๐Ÿ™‚

In sweden you will obviously see a lot of volvo’s some random SAAB’s and everything else, but what always impresses me is the amount of enthusiast cars you see there. it was probably due to the nice weather, but we saw a lot of cool cars out on the road, unfortunately my camera wasn’t always on hand to take picture. But what also impresses me every time is the amount of US- and custom cars you see in sweden. you probably see more classic detroit steel on the road than you do in america these days ๐Ÿ™‚

This guy got the full package at one of the camping spots we stopped:

On our way up i stopped by Andreas Carlsson. We have written to each other many times in the past and we have exchanged some parts and knowledge.
He has one of the most beautiful driver-Z’s i’ve ever seen with some rare parts on it too.

Thanks for taking the time to show us the car, starting it and for a nice chat. I could have stayed much longer, but as you know, we had a long way ahead that day…
It was great to finally meet a person i have only known thanks to this blog and i hope we meet again whenever the opportunity is there ๐Ÿ™‚

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EVENT: Bergrennen Oberhallau Hillclimb 25. / 26. August

Like every year i like to support our local Hillclimb race in Oberhallau. A lot of people work hard for it and it’s an incredibly cool race. If you have time i really can recommand to co there. lots of cool cars on track and in the parking lot. laid back atmosphere, and the possibility to talk to all the racers, mechanics and see the cars close and racing the clock.

The day includes race-laps from the Swiss hillcimb championships, KW-Berg cup and many more. It usually hosts some classic car laps in the brakes, a soap-box downhill race for kids and driftcar showlaps. Note sure if i can make it this year due to a tight schedule, but i hope so ๐Ÿ™‚

For more details check out www.Bergrennen-oberhallau.ch



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240Z: NOS transmission Parts, 71B transmission

Despite beeing in full swing with wedding preparations and working on the new house / Garage / Workshop project, i found a little time to find some parts. Well Honestly they found me this time. I guy from the netherlands which i purchased parts for in the past contacted me about some more parts he found:
A whole bunch NOS 71A transmission spareparts (early 5-speed):

With a few 71B parts included as well, like a complete 2nd cear assy ๐Ÿ™‚
UPDATE: This items has been sold already and is not available anymore!

And because the price was so good i decided to take the complete, disassembled 71B (later 5-speed) as well. I dont really need it but you never know. and the price was too good. If someone is interested i can sell it. But won’t actively advertise it and will keep it as a spare transmission at the moment ๐Ÿ™‚
UPDATE: This items has been sold already and is not available anymore!

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240Z: Autocar UK Magazine 1970 Works rallye Car test

Ever since i read about Autocar UK Magazine testing one of the 240Z Works rallye Cars in 1970 in the “Race and Rallye Car” Magazine Article,ย  i was wondering what it’s all about.
I thought it could be interesting not only for me, but for many of my followers, so i contacted Autocar and Today they came back with the complete Article of the Test they did as a part of the December 1970 Issue.

Huge thanks to Matt B. (Executive Editor at www.autocar.co.uk) for not only searching the old article for me and sending it, but also for allowing me to publish it here. THANK YOU!

Click the following link to get the full 3-paged article as high-res pdf file:
Autocar Dec 1970 Works rallye car test www.JDMjunkies.ch

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