• SOLD: Yokohama ADVAN Center caps (Silver high type)

    Update: Center caps have just been sold ๐Ÿ™‚ Hey guys, selling my genuine Yokohama wheel ADVAN racing center caps, that came with my Advan RG wheels but i replaced them with the smaller type because it fit’s the car better. 50.- USD for 4 Pieces. Used but absolutely mint condition! Shipping depending on your location, let me know if you’re interrested and i’ll make you a good offer including shipping. Advan center cap type “Z8061”, see here for more details: https://www.yokohamawheel.jp/parts/parts6.html

  • SOLD: SCHROTH ASM II 3-point Harnesses incl. Mounting brackets, rolls and Documents

    UPDATE: This item has been Sold and is not available anymore! Selling my Old Schroth german made ASM II 3-point seatbelt harnesses from my daily car. A lot of wear and dirt but totally functional. I guess after a nice wash they will look fine again ๐Ÿ™‚ They come with the mounting brackets and removable rolls. Price is 50.- CHF shipped for both (in switzerland). Worldwide shipping possible, let me know if you need a special quote! The Backside of the drivers side has some slight wear at the leather-padding and the letter-flocking: And the passenger side roll has a broken housing which can be repaired or replaced easily and…

  • SOLD: EJ9, 500.- CHF! (Edited!)

    Update: This car has been sold and is not available anymore! Selling my old Daily EJ9 because i’m buying a new daily car. If someone’s interrested (Switzerland favourized): This car will be for sale until late JUNE / earlyย  JULY 2015, otherwise it will be traded for the new car! Great car for a cheap winter-car for one or two seasons or for parting out! Price: 500.- Swiss franks! 1996 Honda Civic EJ9 (1.4iS Joker) Motor: D14 SOHC (90HP) Colour: NH538 โ€œFrost whiteโ€ Last MFK: Juli 2013 letzter Emission test: Juli 2014 KM: 277’245 Optically the car has been abused in daily usage, but technically its running great. Both driveshafts…

  • SOLD: Spoon sports radiator stay, Spoon radiator cap &12V Red Neon lights

    Selling a few parts again: UPDATE: The spoon sports Radiator stay has been sold. Rest of the parts still available! Spoon sports Radiator stay. bought at spoon Japan, no fake! New, only opened package for Picture. Selling because of wrong delivery. 35.- CHF or best offer Including delivery within switzerland. Worldwide delivery possible. Fitting most Honda cars. Update 05.11.2019: This item has been sold too and is not available anymore! Another Spoon sports japan item, brand new, just opened for pictures. Type-F. Fitting most Aftermarket Radiators. Not fitting most OEM-radiators! 35.- CHF or best offer including delivery within switzerland. Worldwide delivery possible.

  • SOLD: AC Autotechnic Civic 96-00 (EJ / EK) Dash cover (used)

    Update 25.10.2017: This item has been sold and is not available anymore! Selling my used but in pretty good condition AC-Autotechnic Dash cover. In original packing. It contains of a cover plate, three CNC-Milled aluminum Gauge covers and some plexiglass covers. The plexiglass covers are missing some of the latches. but they’re unneeded. I got them like this many years ago and had them installed this way for years now. This item is not produced by AC Autotechnic anymore, so it’s a rare item. And always an eye-catcher most people seeing my car asked me about ๐Ÿ˜€ Price is 120.- Swiss franks + Shipping (worldwide possible, contact me for a…

  • FOR SALE: 240Z rear quarter side windows incl. Chrome trim

    Selling a complete set of datsun Fairlady 240Z small rear side (quarter) windows including the chrome trim. (Note the chrome trim towards the doors are not included, everything else included) Chrome and window Are in pretty good condition, mounting brackets may need a bit of brushing to remove a bit of surface rust and keep it clean. Will be shipped with rubber but needs a new one. Will ship it to anywhere in the world. Will sell the set for 120$ USD + Shipping or best offer. Contact me through contact form if you’re interrested or need more information.

  • SOLD: Genuine 240Z Steering wheel with Horn button

    Update: This Item has been sold and is not available anymore! I have this 240Z Steering wheel with horn button for sale. No damage, just a lot of wear. needs to be sanded and repainted, otherwise great condition: Comes with all needed mounting hardware 80$ or best offer + Shipping (from switzerland) Can be shipped anywhere in the world. Send me a message through the contact form if you’re interrested.

  • SOLD: Toyota Corolla KE30 grille & Mazda RX-2 Grille with Emblems

    UPDATE: The Mazda grille is sold, the Corolla grille is still up for sale ๐Ÿ˜‰ I Initially bought these grilles at a car parter for decorating my home, but thought i’d sell them to any enthuisiast which needs it for a build. They’re both in great condition but need some touch up (polishing the chrome pieces, touch-up at the emblems, probably a respray). I Couldn’t see any broken parts but the corolla seems to have some glue at one point but is pretty solid and nice. 350.- CHF (swiss franks) plus shipping (world wide possible, but note it’s probably expensive due to oversized item). If you’re near me you can…

  • SOLD: Genuine Honda Civic TypeR only EK9 Handbrake console / Armrest eliminator

    Update: New Record ๐Ÿ™‚ Item has been sold within two days and is no more available ๐Ÿ˜› I’m Selling my genuine Honda Civic TypeR only EK9 Handbrake console / Armrest eliminator. It’s coming out of my EK9 and it’s for sale because it has some heavy scratches from the previous owner and i replaced it. It will perfectly fit into any EJ / EK model for race car use or something like that. please note it’s a bit dusty in the pictures, i will clean the console before shipping out. aside from the scratches in great condition. 35$ USD + shipping from switzerland, or best offer: let me know if…

  • SOLD: MSW (By OZ Racing) Oldschool typ 1934L 15″ Wheels

    Update: These wheels have been sold! Got a set of MWS Wheels (sub brand of famous OZ Racing) for sale. These are out of prodction for many years and in great condition. only slicht wear. 4 pieces. 7×15″. Holes 4×114,3. I was impressed how light they where, so really good Aluminum one-piece wheel. It’s marked with “Typย  1934L” but wasnt able to find more information on this. I’ll ship them worldwide. Price is 250 Swiss franks or best offer + Shipping. let me know if you need more information, detailed pictures or wish to buy them. thanks! BTW: Tires are un-worn but old and brittly. if you wish i can…