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OTHER: Old Fehlmann Bearing Press restored

Before i jump back to the topic of 240Z restauration, i wanted to complete another little project. The “restauration” or better cleanup of an old Fehlmann bearing press, which i obtained from my Employer. We recently moved to a new site and had some tools leftover and was lucky to get this one for a fair price.
By the way the swiss tool manufacturer Fehlmann still exists today and has nothing to do with the “Fehlmann Motor Group (FMG)” which was coincidentally the Datsun Import company in switzerland back in the day.
Before i put it on my workbench i decided to give it a little brush up as it was a bit rough around the corners.

First i removed some stickers:

Then decided to disassemble everything. degrease and clean everything, plus remove some old marker pen highlighting which was not there originally.

At the end i re-greased everything and put it all together. works like a charm and still has that old workshop patina of many years of usage.
What i like about this one so much is that you can also use it as a Punching tool if you turn around the bottom end part and add the correct screw-in tool to the top. It also has a travel limiter (see that winged-nut on the ring on the top?) plus some kind of a spring shock absorber where you can limit the suspension travel with the black ring at the bottom, from approx 2cm to zero to give it some kind of dampened force.
This one will definitely come in handy when working on smaller items. as the big bench press with the pneumatic pump can be a bit tricky to  handle flimsy stuff.

As the move to our campus is now more-or-less completed, and i can go back to daily-business at work, i hope i find more time to work on my own project again in my free time.

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