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PLACE: A visit to Visscher Classique (NL)

Recently i was in the Netherlands to visit some friends and at that opportunity i thought i drop in and have a look at the nearby “Visscher classique” Museum. A Car collection / Exhibition / Museum about everything French. I’m not really into french cars and honestly i don’t know much about them. But i adore their ingenuity and the quirky oddness of those cars. The Visscher family had a long history starting with the current owner Henk’s Dad being a SIMCA dealer in the past. The collection hosts a broad selection of all kind of cars from Renault, Peugeot, Citroën, SIMCA, Matra, etc. But also random other cars from very old to pretty modern. And them some Opels, Motorcycles, Racing bicycles, and some cars that don’t fit the scheme really, but are cool and or rare nontheless.
I’m not an expert on these cars so i let the pictures speak for themselves. If you’re close to Utrecht in the netherlands, make sure to take the 20min ride to visit this place and say hi to the lovely Henk and his brothers.
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Not sure if i’ve ever seen a Renault DS Cabriolet before? How cool is this thing?

And was pretty happy to see the first car i’ve remembering being driven around by my dad (he used to own one). The weird fiberglass Talbot Rancho (aka Talbot-Matra Rancho. I think i never ever have seen one again since he sold it in the late 80ies.

They even had an A/C Version of the Rancho “Marina”:

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