240Z Project

240Z: First assembly steps

Yoiu were probably as excited as me to see big and regular updates now that the car is back from the bodyshop. Truth is I have a lot of work and i’m in the final phase of some massive projects which have been going on tor two years at my work. The good thing is, in about two weeks these should be completed and i can go back to my Daily business and should have more time for my project. Nevertheless, i found some minutes here and there to get some stuff done in the recent weeks.
1) The first thing i did is clean some welds and primer all unprotected areas in rust protection weldable primer:

I might have gone a bit overboard, but yeah, better safe than sorry.

2) I started preparing the spare Trunk spoiler by sanding it down back to shape and giving it a test fit on the trunk.

3) Test-fit the front grille

hood emblem

and front bumper.

4) Did some rear-end test fit mock up

5) Also got a bunch of nice magazines from Japan

6) and got basically gifted this nice NOS cigarette lighter from a good friend, but still need to check   if it’s the correct one for the Z.

7) I also managed to get the old nissan FAST / E-Fast software running again on my computer. so i can look up parts and stuff:

8) I hope i can go back to work on my cars and drive them in about two weeks. so far this is the to-do list for the body:

Oh and i’m also negotiating about a litle Parts lot which i hope i can get. let’s see.
expect a bit of silence in the next 2-3 weeks, but i hope i can get back full-on after that!

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