240Z Project

240Z: Glove Box door lid preparation

If things turn out well, i have the great honour to meet a very special Z-related Person in a few weeks. For this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, i thought it would be nice to have them sign a part of the Z. Either it will end up in the car or i’ll hang it somewhere on the wall. For that i came to the conclusion that the best part would be the glove box door lid, so i decided to prepare one of them properly:
First i removed the back cover, locking mechanism and hinge etc from the plastic front cover:

With some gentle heat and some soft hammer-taps, the logo came out too:

As you can see the surface had plenty of dirt and some mild scratches and fading:

So first it was time for a proper wash:

Then it was time for a proper plastic clean with my trustworthy “Novus” plastic repair kit:

I used Stage 2 for light scratches and stage 3 (clean and polish).

To further reduce fading, i decided to pull out the heat gun and use my old “heat treatment” trick (see here)

The one big flaw in the middle is still visible slighty, but either it’s a bigger damage or a manufacturing flaw and i’t only visible under the right light. The overall result is quite good.
So i’ll have it (and the gold paint pen) ready to have a special signature on soon, hopefully.

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