240Z Project

240Z: A little walkaround at my workshop

So now that the car is back at my shop. I thought i’d do a little inspection of all the details, to check if i see any need for rework in some areas.

Overall i’m super happy. they did the best, especially since they have never seen a 240Z in their shop before my project. Some areas need a bit of work, and the first task of me will be to cover all the bare-metal spaces in rust-protection primer. They wanted to do it but when the trailer was available they weren’t able to finish it, so instead they left me two cans of primer to do it myself. I’m happy if i don’t have to pay them for something i can easily do myself. And considering it will be a few months in my workshop before going back for the final adjustment, it’s a must to protect it against new corrosion.

I don’t want to describe every photo in detail, so here’s just a gallery with random details. Click photos for larger images.

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