240Z Project

240Z: Back from the Bodyshop

Those who follow my Instagram already might have noted that the 240Z ist back at my home. The bodyshop have speed up things to finish phase 1 of the bodywork.
As far as my limited knowledge goes, i have to say they did an excellent job. They spent quite some time getting everything right, finding the required information and aligning with me, whenever needed.

Here are some random photos of the process, which i haven’t shown you yet:
Floorpan replacement passenger side (2nd time, after the first bodyshop messed it up and now with the new KFV panels):

Done, with footrest installed:

Roof installed and dents removed:

New fuel lid flap surrounding area  (the old lid would not line up with the body, since the previous bodyshop messed something up):

US rear side marker holes closed for correct euro-spec look:

One of the many random small areas which they had to fix..

Lower door area got a rust repair:

Overall all these small little areas took up 600 hours of work. The project is far beyond reasonable, but i still like the idea to properly safe and restore a “rare” euro spec car back to former glory.
This is the current state at the Bodyshop: you can see the side bodyline is still missing in the fender and door (previous owner thought it was nice to “clean” it.

Front end body assembled:

Yesterday i got it delivered back in a nice closed trailer:

And now it’s finally back in my workshop

Just in case you wonder: These are all (except the rear end and Passenger side front end) Parts that got replaced on the car. So it’s safe to say that around 50% of the body has been replaced within the last 5 years. But that was worth it. Now the body is almost back to factory spec.

May task is now to install all the rubbers, bumpers, spacers, hinges, remaining panels etc, to bring it back to the bodyshop to have the panel gaps adjusted, the side bodyline hammered back in and maybe fix some areas which don’t fit.
I’ll do a walkaround of the car in the coming days and post it here. and i’ve already started installing some items. So expect some updates soon.

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