240Z Project

240Z: Nissan Factory Race & Rally preparation manuals & L型 Tuning books

Today i got another thing i’ve been looking for for quite a while. Factory Nissan “Race and Rallye Preparation Manuals”.

The one on the right side is the “early” version which i had and wrote about already before, but the slighty thicker later version (on the left side), has always been missing in my collection. Luckily i stumbled  upon a set of both recently, so i had to get it.

The book describes how to prepare your S30 Fairlady Z, 240Z or Z432(-R), with some generic modifications and settings, but also using all kind of  “Sports option” or  Nissan “Competition” parts.

The difference between the early and the later version is, the later versions has a few additional information about standard car parts and competition parts which were introduced after the first version got released, otherwise they’re more or less the same. Before you ask. the double “early version” book is not for sale, it’s already promised to someone.

The third book i got is the “Private Club” LL型 (L-Gata / L-Series) Tuning book. Funnily “Carboy” later released a very similar book with almost the same photo. Not really sure if and how the two brands are related.

It’s all japanese with many photos and basically describing how to tune and modify your L-series engine for performance and reliability:

It’s split into different chapters such as block, head, carbs / intake, exhaust, etc..

Tomorrow i’m going to visit my bodyshop to check out the car. There are some rumors they started working on the car again… An’d im going to pick up something very cool and rare for my Friends C110 Kenmary Project which i found close to where i work. So expect some updates soon.

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