240Z Project

240Z: A visit to the Bodyshop (LH floor area)

So, i thought i’d pay the bodyshop another visit. i was a bit suprized to see the car looked more or less the same than last time on the first glance.
But upon closer inspection i realized they have worked on a lot of details. They finished the welding of the front area. added some threads where they were missing on this version of the parts i had (some have minor differences to my original ones, since they might come from a different year version, despite being factory parts). Also the firewall area behind the pedals was completed.

The floor pan and seat mounts were removed and the inner side was replaced with the KFV part.

Including the additional einforcement plate:

Luckily i brought my USB-stick this time so i could get the pictures which the panelbeater made while in progress. he also repaired the lower section of the inner-inner rear wheel arch

As well as the tool storage area behind the driver seat: You can also see the lower “Dogleg” area behind the driver, which got replaced.

Some small items had to be made by hand, like this rear inner wheel arch lower corner (behind the strut area). Meanwhile the whole section is closed again.

On both sides the Mud / Dirt panels got test fitted to see if all bolt holes and stuff lines up.

I agreed for a next visit in 1,5 weeks, and i’m hoping for the floor panel area to be done and maybe the outer side skirt (incl seat belt mounting reinforcement, etc..). So far i’m really satisfied with the work they do and also their attention to details which matter at the end.

Oh and i need your input. Behind / Outside the LH floorpan, we found some kind of reinforcment plate, which extends to the seat mounts. It looks Very much like factory spot welds from the inside, but i couldn’t find anything about this piece in my parts manuals, nor does it make any sense to mee. the area was heavily “repaired” in the past. but this particular piece looks to good to be a repair. No we wonder if we should fabricate something like that and weld it in on the replacement floorpans, or just leave the floor pan as it is?

I have a shipment with very rare and cool parts ready to be s hipped out in japan, but since seafreight is quite expensive atm. I guess i’ll wait a bit and collect additional stuff before i send it out.

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