240Z Project

240Z: First update from the Bodyshop (front left)

Sooo, i’m thrilled to bring you finally a *drumroll* update from the Bodyshop! After 1,5 weeks i thought it’s about time to give them a visit and see if they made any progress. I didn’t get a lot of updates so i was a bit worried if anything had been done.
But turns out they rather focus on working than sending me messages. When i arrived the guys were working in full swing:

After thinking about only replacing the rotten parts, they quickly realized it makes more sense to replace the whole panels, since i had those completely NOS items on hand.
Like the air channel

Or the frame rails:

They also discovered this nasty bend, which i never realized. It must have got a hard hit at one point, which made the whole area move a bit.

They also started to replace the firewall lower are with the KFV Panels and so far the feedback was that those panely fit like the OEM ones!

They forgot to send me the pictures, but they made some and had them on the computer to show me. This is how the car looks with the complete front inner fender and the upper air channels removed:

And including the frame-rail also gone:

New frame rail in and primered:

Inner fender in, primered, and the welding area sanded down again (they use a special welding primer there):

They also removed the replacement roof skin from the frame. It was in very good condition when i bought it. Unfortunately i gave it to a guy who wanted to use it as a template to make a carbon roof.

While removing the mold from the roof, he applied pressurized air and then the roof bent inwards completely. He brought it to a panelbeater to have it fixed, but he left a lot of dents on the roof. The new guys will fix it, but it’s again a lot of additional and unplanned work…

After all i’m quite happy. One corner was done quickly. I also brought them many panels from the right side, so they will be able to rework what the previous bodyshop did. It’s a bit of a bummer and i’m not happy with it, but now is the time to get it done right, so yeah.

I hope i have more updates soon.

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