EK9 Project

EK9: Paintshop preparation

So. the 240Z project has gained a bit of speed again, so it’s time to also take care about my beloved EK9 before summer sason starts.
I’m going to send it to the paintshop nect week. so i decided to remove the under panel again for some easyier access for them. Once you have installed the brackets, it’s only five bolts to install / Remove this panel, so that’s really great.

The main reason is this nasty paint chip on the front lip, which you can see from far away:

But i also thought it might be worth to take care of some other battle scars:

And stone chips:

While at the paintshop, i will also ask them to paint a few OEM pieces which have lost their paint completely. like the original battery tie down.
I have currently replaced it with a chunky milled SKunk2 piece. it’s great but first of all it’s american, and second it looks a bit flashy and i prefer it more factory looking these days.

I cranked up my sandblaster and reomved all rust and remaining paint so it’s ready for a new layer of paint (I included old paint chips for reference *lol*)

Then i also wanted to install those fancy new Mugen pedals, but only to realize that the facelift car already had som kind of sports pedals.

I’m now trying to find out if they can easy be removed (temporarly) or if you have to destroy them, or if it’s possible at all to install those mugens.

Let’s see. And while at it anyway, i also installed the swiss Autobahn annual fee sticker.

Let’s hope for a glossy nice front end in a few weeks 🙂 then there is only one last topic remaining at th emoment: A refurbish of the OEM seats, which i have also scheduled…

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