OTHER: Vintage Datsun sticker load delivery

Over the last couple of days, i found a few interesting and some more-or-less rare vintage datsun stickers for sale in switzerland, which i naturally had to get.

Some of them are quite regularly sold, but came in a lot, so i had to get all of them. I will try to sell some of the doubles i have.

Some of them are new to me and i’ve never seen them before, like the one i got here, on the right side. Datsun Switzerland usually gave a sticker with all new cars, to put on the inside of the window, but i realized the one i’ve got today is slightly different than the ones i already had. Interesting.

Then i got this cool sticker where datsun switzerland sponsered the Female Junior Kart world championship in 1981:

And then those letter seals for the Datsun cherry. They’re not really rare and there are different ones for different nissan cars, but i’ve never seen them for sale in switzerland.

Completely useless for me, but i liked the fact that i also have a sheet of the same sticker for the later “Nissan” branded cherry, including a pack of another 100 sheets of the same sticker, complete with japanese lettering and labelling in the original packing.

And then i got those top-left Rallye Monte carlo stickers, celebrating the 1972 240Z Datsun 3rd place. Especially nice for me, because i own an 1972 240Z and i have never seen those sticker for sale before. They also seem to quite old by the patina they’ve got.
And they fit nicely into my small collection of vintage Datsun Rallye related stickers 🙂

I’m not really into collecitng stickers, but since they come cheap most of the time, you just tend to buy one here and there, and before you know you got a big load of them. Well it’s nice to have them anyway, since they all tell their story.

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