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EK9: GoldMook & MotorFan EK9 TypeR Knowledge Magazines

So, recently i acquired a set of Japanese “Mooks” (Magazine books) about the EK9. They’re both of the prefacelift model evolution, since i wasn’t able to find later versions. I think they didn’t produce a lot of “facelift” magazines, since they changes were mostly cosmetic.

The first one is the “GoldMook GT-Series No.3”. It includes a full reprint of the original pre-facelift EK9 brochure in the centerfold:

But also design sketches of the EK9 rear wing by Chief design Akira Shimoyama Of Honda’s design studio C, responsible for the EK9 and others:

You’ll find a lot of information from the lead engineers of the EK9’s various parts like suspension:

Engine, chassis, and much more with loads of technical details and background information:

There’s aslo no shortage of nice pictures, comparisons, test drives and much more.

The second one is the “TypeR Mook” by MotorFan. It includes a lot of detail photos, closeups, catalogue reprints

And again a lot of technical background and engineering information, as the chassis details, shown here:

Or the drivetrain shown here.

Again there’s plenty of more information in the books and still have to go through them. The content is a mix of copies from factory documentation and engineering details, interviews with specialists or engineers of the RnD team, and own content such as test drives, pictures and much more. Generally very interesting details and background information about the EK9 and it’s specification.
Both books are very similar, but still different. Both also contain information about the other “typeR”s of the time like the NSX-R and the Integra TypeR and their history. Perfect information for nerds like me 🙂

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