OTHER: The Honda Dealer sign restauration, pt. 2

So, after we left in Part one here, it’s time to finish the work up. After the cleaning, i realized that parts of the sign were a bit dull, so i thought i’d give it a gentle manual polish.

Some manual towel polish:

Worked out pretty well. Not perfect, but also without looking too worn:

Then it was time for the LED retrofit. I decided to remove the old FL-tube inverters, because honestly they looked toast.

And out with all the brittle tube mounts, stiff wires, rusty and heavy inverters and the “hot glue” installation and the starters:

Here we are with a fully empty canvas:

And here’s what is going in: A set of brand new mounting / wiring brackets and inverterless LED tubes.

Tube mounting / wiring Brackets fit perfectly and all tubes are in:

Wiring done too (will add some zip-ties later, since my initial idea of using cable-channels proved to be useless)

Quick mockup with a power cable and LED there be light!

Installed one side of the sign just to see how it looks and i’m pretty happy with the turnout:

Here i installed the other side, just to see how both s ides look with the lighting. Backside is open in both pictures. Will install it somewhere on the wall soon. Pretty happy with the result.
I surely will miss the buzz and flickering of the original FL-tube lighting but this is much more safe, less weight and way less energy-consuming.

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