Atenza GJ / Mazda 6

ATENZA: Mazda Japan 1/64 Diecast car

When i was at the Tokyo Auto Salon in 2016, the Mazda booth had some of the most iconic demo cars of the recent years, like this one here:

I also took some brochures from their booth but filed them and completely forgot about them until when i recently sorted through my documents. I realized that i had a pretty cool “Mazda Goods collection” brochure with all fancy japanese Mazda goodies inside. which you can buy at a special Mazda shop or order via the dealerships or online. Those goods are normally not available outside of Japan.

I realized that they had a 1/64 miniature version of my actual daily car in the original snowflake pearl white, and a bit of googlin revealed that you still can buy them. So i placed an order in Japan and yesterday it finally arrived.
See below nect to the original catalogue:

It’s a very detailed diecast car, which comes in a plastic display box, which is additinally wrapped in a nice cardboard box:

Here you can see the different variants and colours of the car:

and here’s the front side view in more detail:

I’m not a diecast specialist but i haven’t seen them anywhere yet and i guess you can only get them via Mazda. They’re sadly made in china and not in japan, but at least they’re made by Mazda themselves and not some cheap toy company, which somehow makes it a nice collectable item for me.

And it seems i soon have a complete 1/64 version of my real-life garage together. awesome 🙂

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