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240Z: Datsun Ashtray / Owners manual / 300ZX Press release

So, recently i acquired a bit of random things again and thought i’d share it with you:

The first one is a well-used Datsun glass ash tray. You can really see the wear but i like the colouring and the fact that it most probably was an official marketing item of Datsun switzerland, back in the days when smoking was more common than today:

The second one is a used Datsun 240Z owners manual:

When i got it, i realized i already had such an manual plus a german language reprint from a different year (right side):

But on closer inspection, i realized they’re not the same. one is from december 1971 (second edition), one is from February 1972 (fourth edition)

If you look inside, also one shows the 5 gear transmission, and one the 4-gear / Automatic. Quite interresting. Now i’m not sure if one is an US-spec (4-gear / Auto) and one an english language european version (UK? or countries with no local translated manuals?). It’s an interesting detail nevertheless and i have to find out more, when time allows me to.

Then a bit random, but i only bid one frank on it and won the auction, so i got this (what i thought) swiss Nissan 300ZX press release folder:

Unfortunately there is no evidence of it really beeing swiss. The language in the text is italian, so it could be swiss, but it seems to come from some auto show or so, so documents are a bit more generic with no marking of a specific dealer or import company.
Nevertheless, it comes with some Black and white press photos, an Press information describing all the features, a nice red folder…

,,, and a set of coloured Dias from the Z32

Also if you look closesly, the folder has a 300ZX relief stamped to it. Nice detail.

That’s it. more updates coming soon…

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