240Z Project

240Z: Various Datsun Z & ZX Color charts & Brochures

Long-time readers might know that i have a collection of original Datsun Colour chart booklets. You can read more about them and even download them here
But one particular one, i always only had as a copy and never an original one. So when my mate Dan pointed me towards them, i had to get it. And it was cheap too 🙂
Additionally a few other swiss Z and ZX Colour charts popped up for close-to-nothing so i thought i secure them, just for collecting’s sake.

So first the important one, including the 240Z, to the left, which is new:

Here’s the colours available in UK (Similar to Switzerland) with the 904 White sample that will be used on my Z:

And here the full view:

In the first photo, you can also see the swiss 280ZX Colour chart which even has upholstry fabric samples inside. You can find more pictures of it here
The second new one which arrived today was the glossy Swiss market Nissan 300ZX Twin turbo brochure with additional colour chart from April 1990

And here with the colour sample chart open. I have to admit the ZX came in some pretty shiny colours 🙂

That’s it for now. Will Pick up another Lot lot of Datsun NOS parts tomorrow and have various Honda documents on the way here too 🙂

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