EK9 Project

EK9: EK9: The Overhaul, pt. 3 & Hibernation

When installing the new radiator and under panel last week, i realized that some of the bolts, screws and other hardware was either missing, badly corroded, damaged or wrong. This happens with most of the cars when many people do a lot of things with them over the years. No Problem, but i thought it would be a good thing to rectify things. So i got my original japanese parts manuals out, which a bought a while ago:

I love those japanese manuals. even though i don’t understand a word, it’s super easy to find the correct page and number:

I contacted my Honda dealer and the next they they were able to pickup. Unfortunately Honda has discontinued some of the items and replaced them with others. While they do fit and work, the design is sometimes slightly different.

But luckily most of the hardware was still available in original shape, so i replaced them:

When opening the door, i realized that some rubbers have become a bit “sticky”, so i thought it was about time to bring out the old shabby rubber treatment flask and give all seals a wipe before putting the car asleep.

Then i hooked the battery up to the excellent “floating” AEG Charger (it simulates a usage cycle instead of only charging, so the lifetime of the battery is longer)

And at the end i put the car back in her original parking lot and threw the dust cover on it. In spring i’ll bring the car for a front-end respray and I’m also thinking of heaving the worn seats reupholstered with original fabric. Nevertheless, I’m happy i’ve done all the work and i’m ready for next season.

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