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OTHER: 240K-GT (Kenmary) & Datsunologie Brochures

Lately i found two nice swiss datsun brochures for sale again, and naturally, i had to get them:

The first one is the Datsun 240K-GT (Known as the Nissan Skyline “Kenmary” or “Yonmeri” in other countries) bruchure from August 1973, and i just wanted to have it because of the rare “sports car” nostalgy.

The second brochure, i wanted to have especially, because i’ve never seen them before and because it is a bit unique, comapred to the other datsun brochures. There is no production date on it, but i assume it is from the same 1973-ish era, by the cars featured. The “Datsunoligy” made-up word here used to describe the values of datsun in three pieces. the first page is entirely about the quality of Datsun and explains a lot of features. I especially liked the Z-rallye car drawing, of course 🙂

The second part on the flipside, is about all their cars in the current (back then) swiss lineup:
And the part 3 at the bottom is about “practical exersises”, which means to go to your nearest dealer and test drive the cars.
the whole brochure is a bit weird by todays marketing-standards, but that what makes it so appealing to me these days. And i guess it’s also a bit rare, since i’ve never seen this one in the recent years.

I have more updates coming soon. but i’m at home laying in bed with a cold, and my daily job was quite stressfull recently, so i wasn’t able to do much…

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