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PLACE: A quick visit to the Audi Museum Ingolstadt

To be honest im not really a VAG guy, but when the opportunity arose to look around the Audi Plant on a recent business trip (to another company) in the lunch break, how could i turn it down?
The plant itself is a massive city full of huge buildings and halls, but i forgot to take some photos. When i asked if there is a museum (to plan a future visit), the question quickly turned into a spontanous visit with my host and colleagues. It was completely unplanned, so we didn’t have a lot of time and i didn’t bring any camera gear. So a few Mobile phone pictures have to do it.

We started off in the “Embloyee Car center”, where employees can buy brand new Audi cars for a discount price. It’s basically a complete Audi flagshop store in the middle of the plant, just for their Employees, with a nice selection of R / RS / E-tron cars on Display:

Second, we went across the road for the “Cusgtomer pickup Center”. If you buy a brand new Audi, you can choose the “facktory pickup package”. It will allow you to get a factory tour first, and then you are asked to wait in an airport-lounge like area with an Audi gift shop an dmuch more. When youre name is called – “Mr. Müller, Your car is ready” – you can walk over a small bridge and down to the pickup area shown here. It’s an Alley of random Audi cars, from classics to normal cars from the lineup. wher your car will be driven in. Then explained to you in detail by an Audi expert.

In the Lounge area, there are several small displays which change regularly. this time it was focussing on e-mobility with an Audi battery back in one of the displays:

My favourite was of course this ur Quattro short wheelbase car:

in the next building, there was finally the exhibition and museum. I moved to the racecars directly.

They are installed on a rotating lift system so they will move through all the building levels within a few minutes:

The cars were displayed in chronolical order and started with the very first ones

Including some iconic race machinery:

This streamliner was some pure sexyness if you ask me…

The displayed cars also included many other brands that later became the Audi group, like NSU, Horch and many others:

Every now and then you would walk next to the racecars again. like this LeMans machine:

The exhibition also had many nice bicycles on display:

And also included future car concepts:

This was my host for the day with the same car, which his grandpa used to own when he was small 🙂

I would have loved to spend more time in the museum.

Look at the “Dolphin” what a beautiful race bike design:

Unfortunately we really didn’t have a lot of time. there are People working in the exhibition really waiting to explain you all the details and answer your questions.
The cars you see here are only a fraction of the miseum. It’s not the largest company museum but very well curated and a nice selection of cars.

Next time i’ll spend more time there. Also on the way back home we came across the sign of the official Mercedes museum. Most probably a visit worth planning for my next trip to bavaria 🙂

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