HISTORY: Rare FMG / Datsun Suisse Internal documents arrived

Today i got a special delivery of documents which i’ve never seen before and didn’t even know something like this existed, until i found them for sale a few days ago:

One is a double-sided FMG (Fehlmann Motor group) brochure, which tells the story of the company. Datsun (Suisse) SA was also part of the FMG.
One side tells the story from the past to the present (in 1972)

While the other side tells the plans for today and the future:

Inside you’ll find many rare photos and information, like the first datsun’s arriving at Datsun Switzerland in Urdorf by train:

Or the Group Owner E. Fehlmann Junior in front of some of the cars they imported back then, including a 240Z:

But also general information like their values, principles and strategy:

The second document, the lady who sold the first one, i got for free, when she realized i was interested in the story of Datsun and FMG

It is an internal “Newspaper” from the FMG employee party from the summer of 1973 in Urdorf, with many pictures:

After asking how the lady got these documents, she told me some stories. she owned a Bodyshop just next to the Datsun Center from 1972 to 2002
and therefore often did small work for the FMG and Datsun. She also was one of the very first to test drive the Datsun 240Z in switzerland in 1972 and was asked her opinion when it came to the overall feeling about the car, but also things like if the 240Z rear spoiler should be installed in switzerland or not… she even added a little note to the original print above, showing where her shop was. the big building behind was the FMG (and Datsun Suisse) import center /  Head quarter.

I will soon use the details from inside to update the story of Datsun / Nissan Switzerlan dand the FMG center in the coming days. i need to high-res scan the documents first.
These documents (and some newspaper-scans she also sent me by mail) definitely close a few gaps i still had in the timeline.
Thank you so much for your support!!

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